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Cheats for Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Multiplayer Weapons

  • All platforms
  • unlock

Multiplayer Weapons:

Assault Rifle (G3) Rank 25
Assault Rifle (G36C) Rank 37
Assault Rifle (M14) Rank 46
Assault Rifle (M4) Rank 10
Assault Rifle (MP44) Rank 52
LMG (M60E4) Rank 19
Pistol (Desert Eagle) Rank 43
Pistol (Golden Desert Eagle) Rank 55
Pistol (M1911) Rank 16
Shotgun (M1014) Rank 31
SMG (AK-74U) Rank 28
SMG (Mini Uzi) Rank 13
SMG (P90) Rank 40
Sniper Rifle (Barret) Rank 49
Sniper Rifle (Dragunov) Rank 22
Sniper Rifle (M40) Rank 04
Sniper Rifle (R700) Rank 34

Multiplayer Perks

  • All platforms
  • unlock

Multiplayer Perks:

3 Frag Grenades Rank 41
Bandolier Rank 32
Bomb Squad Rank 14
Claymores Rank 23
Dead Silence Rank 44
Double Tap Rank 29
Eavesdrop Rank 35
Iron Lungs Rank 26
Last Stand Rank 8
Martyrdom Rank 17
Overkill Rank 38
Sleight of Hand Rank 20
UAV Jammer Rank 11

Unlock Arcade and Cheat Option

  • All platforms
  • unlock

Unlock Arcade and Cheat Option:

Arcade Mode Complete game on any difficulty
Cheat Menu Complete game on any difficulty

Golden Weapons

  • All platforms
  • unlock

Golden Weapons:

Golden Ak-47 Complete all Assault Rifle challenges.
Golden Desert Eagle Get to Lv.55.
Golden Dragonuv Complete all Sniper challenges.
Golden M1014 Complete all Shotgun challenges.
Golden M60 Complete all LMG challenges.
Golden Mini-Uzi Complete all SMG challenges.


  • All platforms
  • unlock


A Bad Year: When you kill enemies, they explode into a bunch of old tires! Collect 15 pieces of enemy intel.
Cluster Bombs: After one of your frag grenades explodes, four more explode in a cross-shape pattern. Collect 10 pieces of enemy intel.
CoD Noir: Simply turns all gameplay turns black and white, giving the game a classic war movie feel. Collect 2 pieces of enemy intel.
Infinite Ammo: Wepaons have unlimited ammo, you don't even need to reload! Doesn't work with single-shot weapons like C4 and Claymores. Collect 30 pieces of enemy intel.
Photo-Negative: Inverses all of the colors of the game. Collect 4 pieces of enemy intel.
Ragtime Warfare: Gameplay goes black-and-white, dust and scratches fill the screen, it plays at 2x speed, and the music becomes piano music. Collect 8 pieces of enemy intel.
Slow-Mo Ability: By using the melee button, you can change the game to slow-mo and play at half-speed. Collect 20 pieces of enemy intel.
Super Contrast: Dramatically increases the game's contrast, making the darks much darker and the lights much lighter. Collect 6 pieces of enemy intel.

Bonus Level

  • All platforms
  • hint

Bonus Level:

Mile High Club: Complete the game on any difficulty