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Cabela's Hunting Expeditions Review

Hunting is a delicate sport, but it's also one that requires an utmost deal of patience.  After all, the slightest noise can easily scare your prey off, and sometimes you're not so much of a crack shot that you think you are, unless you're one of those guys that litters his walls with stuffed animal trophies to prove otherwise. With that, it doesn't always translate well into the video game form. Raw Thrills has gotten it right by stripping it to its most basic arcade nature for the Big Buck games, and I admit, Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2011 – a game that came out a couple of years ago, natch – wasn't bad. But when Activision tries to focus too much on the hunting nature and doesn't imply any fun into the product, it drags on... Read Review

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