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Cheats for Burnout Paradise

Unlocking Licenses

  • All platforms
  • unlock

Unlocking Licenses:

A License Win 26 events
B License Win 16 events
Burnout Elite License Beat all Events
Burnout Paradise License Win 45 events
C License Win 7 events
D License Win 2 events

Unlockable Island Cars

  • All platforms
  • unlock

Unlockable Island Cars:

Dust Storm Superturbo Complete Dust Storm Burning Route
Jansen P12 Diamond Complete all 500 online challenges.
Olympus Governor 50% Complete Your Island License
Street Rod 100% Complete Your Island License
Toy 88 Special Break all 45 Billboards
Toy Bootlegger Land all 15 Mega Jumps
Toy Nighthawk Rule all 12 Island Roads (Get Timed and Showtime)
Toy Spirit Smash all 75 Island Smashes

Unlockable Car List

  • All platforms
  • unlock

Unlockable Car List:

Carbon Hydros Custom Beat all Showtime Road Rules
Carbon Ikusa GT Beat all Time Road Rules
Carson Carbon GT Concept Find All 400 Smashes
Carson Fastback Get a B Class License
Carson GT Concept Get a Burnout Driving License
Gold Paint Finish Win all Elite License Events
Hunter Mesquite Get a D Class License
Jansen Carbon X12 Land All 50 Superjumps
Krieger Carbon Krieger Uberschall 8 Complete 2 Sets of Online Challenges
Montgomery Carbon Hawker Hit All 120 Billboards
Nakamura SI-7 Get a C Class License
Platinum Paint Finish 100% Completion
Rossolini Tempesta Get an A Class License

Unlock Sponsored Cars

  • All platforms
  • unlock

Unlock Sponsored Cars:

GameStop Car for UK B179 8M20 XA09 80FF
Steel Wheels GT E60J 8Z7T MS8L 51U6
Unlock the Steel Wheels Concept Car G23X 5K8Q GX2V 04B1
Unlockes Best Buy car. (Must have A rank license to use offline.) bestbuy
Unlocks Circuit City car (Must have a Burnout Paradise license to use offline.) circuitcity
Unlocks Gamestop car. (Must have A rank license to use offline) gamestop
Unlocks Micromania car (PAL only: Must have a C Class Burnout Paradise license to use offline.) H211 1Z99 LZ00 00BB
Unlocks the PAL "Steel Wheels" GT (Must have a Burnout Paradise license to use offline). Z891 4K88 IN25 79AA
Unlocks Walmart car (Must have a Burnout Paradise license to use offline.) walmart