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Official Left 4 Dead 2 Achievements List

With the sequel to Valve's beloved co-op zombie hunter only a few weeks away, it's about time XboxAchievements released the official list of all 50 achievements that future Left 4 Dead 2 owners can look forward to. It's clear a lot of time and effort was spent in creating this ambitious list of incentives that will undoubtedly encourage gamers to play the heck out of this game. Oh, and the names are pretty clever too. Hit the link below to see the full list of Left 4 Dead 2's gore-filled achievements. Read More


GDC 2009: Sony to Match Developers' Expenses in Return for PSN Exclusitivity

Sounds like these days it's good to be developing exclusives for Sony. They've announced at GDC that they will be matching the budgets developers draw from in return for keeping the titles exclusive to PSN. A guarantee to devs that they're not going to be out one bit of cash for developing a game that may flop? This could be the boost PSN needs in order to find a surge of interesting new titles. Plenty of new devs can give the system a try rather than drawing back for fear of losing cash they may not have. Read More


Media: Burn Zombie Burn! Gameplay

Coming soon to the PlayStation Network is Burn Zombie Burn!, an arcade-action title in which you're fragging zombies with a character named Bruce (or, optionally, Daisy), who reminds me a little of Bruce Campbell. Coincidence? Anyway, the chief mechanic to rack up points in this title is-- you guessed it-- lighting up zombies and watching 'em burn. Read More


Zombie-Burning Arcade Shooter Announced for PSN

He's got Elvis' gist and Bruce Campbell's fist, and he's about to spend some "quality time" with the lovely Daisy. Things were obviously looking good for Bruce. Until the zombies invaded. Pinnacle Software and developer Doublesix today announced Burn Zombie Burn!, an arcade shooter developed exclusively for PlayStation Network. Shoot, burn and blow up as many brain-munching zombies as possible using a variety of classic zombie-killing weapons before they overwhelm you. Use fire to build up your multiplier, and then destroy zombies en masse with explosives to increase that oh-so-important leaderboard high score. But beware! A burning zombie is a faster zombie – burn too many, and they will burn you! Burn Zombie Burn! is frantic arcade gaming at its best, delivering humour and bloody zombie violence in copious amounts! -- Kotaku Bruce splatters eight zombie types across six levels inspired by classic horror cinema, including The Woods, Graveyard, Suburbia, Drive-In, Military Base and Secret Lab. Players can attack alone in three single-player modes or team up with a friend for two-player co-op and versus modes. "The idea for Burn Zombie Burn! was to make a game that captured what the studio is about: 'just one more go' game-play, a raucous sense of humour and an accessible learning curve coupled with traditional hardcore depth," says Doublesix Creative Director Jim Mummery. Burn Zombie Burn! is scheduled to interrupt your "quality time" on PSN in Q1 2009. Read More