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Weekly Wrap-Up 7/8/11

How was your fourth of July? We really hope you had a great time, enjoyed some good food, and played some awesome games. Now that Independence Day is Read More


Happy Birthday PlayStation

Today Sony is celebrating the 15th anniversary of the launch of the original PlayStation in North America. The machine allowed Sony to bully their way into the console landscape and set the stage for the PS2, arguably the most successful gaming console of all time. Now as the PlayStation 3 chugs along and Sony prepares for the future of gaming the company can thank the little gray box with the big round buttons that started it all. While the anniversary is big news in itself, we point it out in particular because Sony is celebrating the occasion with gifts for gamers. Starting today and continuing over the next few months Sony has promised several little rewards and thank-yous to the community. Find out more after the break. Read More


Pachter Admits He Was Wrong To Be Skeptical of Red Dead Redemption

Pachter believes that Rockstar are visionaries, and he thinks that Red Dead Redemption is going to be a major success. This sentiment comes on the heels of Red Dead Redemption's release and subsequent, stunning, critical acclaim. The game has been a massive hit with critics and Pachter assumes it will also be a major success with gamers. It just became the most pre-ordered title of the year in the UK, and it seems that gamers around North America are already loving their time with the title, posting videos on YouTube and writing rave reviews on Metacritic. But will Rockstar send Pachter a copy? And will Pachter ever doubt Rockstar again? Read More