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Bubba Goes #2 for PC


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Bubba Goes #2 is a original and very entertaining game featuring BieberSoft's flagship character, Bubba. Bubba is a unique guy, as he attacks by shooting farts and other unpleasentries. Dr. Buttchin has stolen Bubba's Super Magical Industrial Strength toilet paper, which is vital to the world's survival. Now Bubba has to brave the 9 huge worlds in Dr. Buttchin's castle to get them back! Bubba Goes #2 features all 3D rendered graphics, and a kickin soundtrack! The Free Version of Bubba Goes #2 is a huge game in it's own right, but only a taste of the entertainment that full version Bubba Goes #2 will bring you. It features Dr. Buttchin's castle, and three of the worlds you'll find inside: Brown Nugget Mountain, T.P. Tropics, and Colon Cavern. The worlds are huge, and you'll have to challenge yourself to find all 10 pieces of TP in each!