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Brothers in Arms Hell's Highway - Feature

Brothers in Arms Hell's Highway

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Gearbox: "Expect More Brothers in Arms in the Future"

While Borderlands is the latest (and, according to them, the greatest) game from Gearbox Software, don't think for a minute that they've forgotten about their other big-name series, Brothers in Arms. "I think you can probably expect at some point there'll be another Brothers in Arms game," Martel said in an interview with CBS 11 News. "You can probably expect that.. if you look at the history of where we've been, where we're going.. so.. that'll be in the future for sure." That VideoGame Blog adds "I'm not too familiar with the overall time line of the series but do know that Hell's Highway took place in the later stages of the war. Could BiA follow the Call of Duty and Battlefield series into modern times?" For the full video interview, just click this link. Read More


Brothers in Arms Hell

The Brothers in Arms series has offered some of the most compelling takes on the WWII shooter genre, mixing in a healthy blend of squad mechanics, as Read More


Brothers in Arms Hell

Its been awhile since weve last seen Matt Baker and the boys of 101st Airborne Division and when we did it was on a platform like the PlayStation 2. Read More


Brothers in Arms Dev Explains Hell's Highway Delay

Originally announced in 2006 and scheduled for a holiday release that same year, Brother in Arms: Hell's Highway from Gearbox Software will finally hit retail next week. The holdup, according to Gearbox's Jeramy Cooke, stemmed from the developer figuring out how to develop a multiplatform game for both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. "This is the first time we have done a big, multi-platform game in-house, and it was brand-new technology, as well," explained Cooke. "You kind of expect when you buy off-the-shelf software [Unreal Engine 3] that you're just going to be up and running on all three platforms. We made a lot of changes to the engine, so each platform reacts to those changes differently. There's a lot to follow up and that kind of stuff, trying to make it work right on all the different platforms." -- Jeramy Cooke to MTV Multiplayer Cooke went on to say that working on optimizing the game for PlayStation 3 was the most difficult, as Gearbox had very little experience on Sony systems in the past. Have you forgotten about the game's existence over the last two years? Or are you guys and gals eagerly awaiting next Tuesday or Wednesday to get your next Brothers in Arms fix, which was a couple years in the making? Read More


Media: Brothers In Arm's: Hell's Highway Gone Gold + Behind the Scenes Trailers

If you're not excited about Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway, after watching the following videos, you will be. Ubisoft sent us over a ton of new media today which showcases a ton of the features in Gearbox's upcoming WWII shooter. Yeah we know you're probably sick of playing games based on World War II but as always, the Brothers in Arms games continue to be a very brutal and realistic look at war. Check out the "Brutality of War" trailer below and hit the jump for some new images, the "Behind The Scenes" clip and Q&A with the game's Director, Jeramy Cooke. Read More


Microsoft Recruiting from Gearbox, Id Software for Halo Team

You've probably never heard the name Corrinne Yu before. She's kept a pretty low profile in the industry, possibly because the company's she's worked for don't exactly have the best legacy's in the industry. 3D0, 3D Realms, and *shudder* ION Storm. Those who know of her and her work however, have made complementary comparisons between her and legendary Id Software programmer John Carmack. Lately she's been working over at Gearbox Software as the studio's Director of Platform Development, responsible for making the Unreal Engine 3 play nice for the designers of Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway, Borderlands and Aliens: Colonial Marines. At least, that's what she was doing up until a few days ago. Microsoft, via Kotaku, has confirmed the rumor that Corrinne Yu is making the move to Redmond Washington to serve as the Principle Engine Architect of Microsoft's Halo Franchise Team. Microsoft has confirmed to Kotaku that Yu had in fact been hired by Microsoft. "As the Halo franchise continues to flourish, Microsoft Game Studios is growing its internal team to develop future Halo projects," Microsoft stated. -- Kotaku More over, Kotaku is reporting that inside sources have hinted that Yu's hiring was actually part of a 2-for-1 deal. Apparently Yu's husband Kenneth Scott, an art director at Id Software, will also be making the move to Microsoft, possibly to work on the same Halo Franchise Team. I know what you're thinking – a mother that's a guru with the Unreal Engine and a father from Id Software; I totally expect the offspring of this union to make the best first-person shooter of all time by the time they finish high-school. Those readers with a healthy hippocampus will probably recognize two words in this post that have appeared together in quite a few news posts over the last few weeks: Gearbox and Halo. Rumors have been circulating that Microsoft has tapped Gearbox Software for a new entry in the Halo franchise. It's perfectly plausible that Microsoft reps interacted with Yu during the early stages of such a project, were impressed with her handling of technology and asked her to come aboard to help out with one of the other Halo projects Microsoft has in the works. Kotaku believes that Yu has been put to work on the Peter Jackson Halo project, but as Microsoft's biggest money-making franchise, there's no telling just how many Halo titles they have in the planning or production stages. Remember, Yu is working on the Halo Franchise Team, and we don't think "one game" when we see the word "franchise." She could potentially be working on the technology that will power any number of Halo-related titles. Read More


Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway Delayed...Again

No, no, it's not as bad as it sounds. The game looked great at E3, and really is launching this fall. For real. This is just a tiny, pebble-sized bump in the road. "We'll be gold in August, but it looks like the actual shelf date will be in September," Gearbox president Randy Pitchford told Shacknews. -- Shacknews This new date is only a few weeks removed from game's previously anticipated August release date. In all likelihood, it simply resulted from a bad estimation of how many units factories would need to print. Yes sir, Brothers in Arms is finally speeding down the highway... to shelves! Read More


Media: Brothers in Arms Hell's Highway Destructible Cover Screens and Q&A

Ubisoft passed along three new screens which depict the destrucible cover found in Brothers in Arms Hell's Highway (shouldn't there be a colon in there somewhere?), as well as a number of questions addressing the new feature: Questions answered by Randy Pitchford (President, Gearbox Software) and Benny Wilson (Programmer, Gearbox Software) Can you tell us more about one of the new features in BIAHH, the destructible environment/cover? RP: In Brothers in Arms Hell's Highway, being able to shred the kinds of things soldiers hide behind is a big deal. Yes, it does look awesome to see bullets tear apart a wooden fence splinter by splinter, but it is about more than just looking amazing. You see, if the cover that the enemy is protected by is invulnerable (as it is in just about every game you've played before), then your only option is to wait them out or charge up on them. Brothers in Arms has always been about suppression and looking for flanks (like real combat), but now it's also about combined arms and volume of fire. It's intense and the feature takes Brothers in Arms Hell's Highway to a new level of authenticity. Read More