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The ancient lands of Mesopotamia were fertile, rich in minerals and agriculture, and known as the Cradle of Civilization. It was here that empires spawned farming, standing militaries, embassies, law, art, and more during the three eras of what is known today as the Bronze Age. Of course, it was not all an era of enlightenment. Civilizations battled against each other for regional supremacy, and in doing so very often wound up as nothing more than ashes in the dustbin of history. In Bronze, from Dreamspike Studios, gamers have a chance to rewrite history. As supreme ruler of one of twelve historically based civilizations the player is charged with expanding their civilization's territory by creating Farms, Towns, Embassies, Ziggurats, and even Armies. Construction is as easy as a click, and in no time at all your empire can stretch from map edge to map edge. Gameplay revolves around land acquisition and has a very Eurogame feel to it. Each construction on a tile has a unique function. One building might convert enemy Farms through religion, while another may create an alliance. Mining villages add to your treasury depending on what type of ore deposit they are built near. Towns will claim all the territory surrounding them. Armies will convert enemy buildings, while Citadels can protect against this effect. Knowing what to build and where is the key to winning. Since each of the twelve civilizations plays differently, it's important to also understand how each civilization uses its construction abilities. Bronze will challenge players from the very start, and features very robust play choices. There are ten campaigns to choose from set in the Early, Middle and Late periods of the Bronze Age. Each campaign introduces new civilizations and is played out on a strategic map. Once the campaigns are finished players can then move into Survival Mode and Custom Matches/Tournaments. Survival Mode uses randomly generated maps and allows one civilization to compete against all others in a series of matches. How long can your empire last? Custom Matches/Tournaments allow user generated single or multi-matches to be created, either against the AI or three other players in hotseat mode. Between Survival Mode and the ability to create Custom Matches, Bronze offers endless replayability. Bronze is a unique game of ancient empires. The mechanics take mere minutes to learn, turns move along rapidly, and the uniqueness of each civilization creates a rich and diverse gameplay experience. There is no slow build up, the action begins on turn one, and its puzzle-like nature makes Bronze a game suitable for hardcore strategy gamers, casual players, puzzle gamers, and anyone who enjoys games that make you think. Experience Bronze today and with just a click of the mouse create an empire that will be remembered thousands of years later!

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