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Namco Bandai Adding More Virtual Console Arcade Games Than You Can Shake a Joystick At-- in Japan

Since Nintendo surprised everyone at this year's Game Developers Conference with the Virtual Console Arcade, Nintendo has gone on to release... six titles. Ultimately, it seems to have simply made the queue for waiting on something good to come out even bigger. However, releases have come a bit more frequently in Japan, where they presently have 34 games to purchase, many of them from Namco Bandai (whose offerings make up fully one-half of the Western VC Arcade lineup, in case you were wondering). What's more, according to Andriasang, they still have five games left from the initially-announced wave of titles. The publisher has managed to get out approximately one a week in Japan, which has led to 25 Namco Bandai arcade games being available in total. Evidently, they figure that's close enough to allow them to announce the next batch of 20 VC Arcade titles they plan to introduce. Read More