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Bravely Default - Feature

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Latest Videos


Bravely Second | Japan release window

Bravely Second to release in Japan this Winter (December - February).

Bravely Default | Accolades Trailer

Bravely Default wants to show off all their mighty praise and awards in their Accolades Trailer, well deserved.

Bravely Default | Gameplay Trailer

With all of these mini trailers coming out recently for Bravely Default, it only makes sense that Nintendo releases a more massive one for the fans. In this ...

Bravely Default | 30 Second Spot

This 30 Second Spot trailer is chalk full of combat, spells, and the celebrating of Bravely Default coming to America exclusively on the Nintendo 3DS and 2DS.

Bravely Default | Television Commercial

Nintendo reveals a new Bravely Default TV commercial for their new RPG coming out February 9th. Use strategy to ‘Default’ (defend) or ‘Brave’ (attack multipl...

Bravely Default | Story Trailer

Get a glimpse of the story surrounding Bravely Default. Sure it’s not much, but hey, the shown plot sounds very classical Final Fantasy and that’s pretty dam...