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Brave Frontier | Lucina, Darvan, & Themis Trailer

For a limited time, you have the chance to get Lucina, Darvan, & Themis through the rare summon gate, at increased rates, in Brave Frontier. This water, eart...

Brave Frontier | Dia, Bran, & Eric Trailer

Who wants more Brave Frontier characters? You do! Currently in the rare summon gate, you can get the new Fire Princess Dia, Lightning Sage Bran, & Dark Tunes...

Brave Frontier | Tiara, Zelban, & Duel-SGX Six Star Trailer

The second batch of the last six stars has been released in Brave Frontier! Step aside Michelle, we got Tiara, Zelban, and Duel-GX now in their final forms....

Brave Frontier | Vortex Arena: Inferno Showdown

It’s time to turn up the heat in Brave Frontier! Coming out today, the Inferno Showdown is hitting the Vortex. This is a special PvP Vortex Arena event that ...

Brave Frontier | Raydn, Ophelia & Zephyr Release Trailer

Raydn the white lancer, Ophelia the green blade, and Zephyr of the dark are now in the summon tank at temporary higher drop rate.

Brave Frontier | Xenon & Estia Prologue Trailer

How far did you make it up those pesky cursed towers? Did you reach floor 200? Did you collect both Xenon and Estia individually? You better have. You won’t ...

Brave Frontier | Luly, Rina, & Lunaris Summon Trailer

Be sure to check out the latest Rare Summon units: Luly, Rina, & Lunaris! Are you worthy of leading these new Heroes into battle?

Brave Frontier | July Content Update

Set forth and continue your journey through new lands & uncover all new adventures! Are you up for the challenge?

Brave Frontier | The Fire Blade Farlon, the Snow Lion Signas, & guardian Cavalryman Sodis

Rare Summon units: The Fire Blade Farlon, the Snow Lion Signas, & guardian Cavalryman Sodis! It's time to conquer in the land of Gaia! Higher rates for new ...

Brave Frontier | Post Unholy Tower Trailer

Tomorrow, June 17th, at 23:00 PST, you’ll be able to save Princess Estia from a gigantic monster. This will only be available in the Vortex if you’ve complet...

Brave Frontier | Tesla, Kagutsuchi, & Lira Trailer

These three characters have a higher summon rate in Rare Summon pulls. Who wouldn’t want the “house with ice feet” (as someone in the GZ office described him...

Brave Frontier | The Unholy Tower & Xenon Trailer

The Unholy Tower event is 100 floors you must fight your way through. Xenon appears along the way, can you capture him? Each stage of the tower is 10 floors ...

Brave Frontier | June Patch Trailer

Next, Gumi added some new five and six evolutions for those characters who have just been sitting maxed out for some time now. In case you’ve been running Me...

Brave Frontier | Six Sibyl Sisters Trailer

There is a Sibyl Sisters for each type of element. These six sisters fight the gods and save the innocent. The duality of mankind caused in-fighting with the...

Brave Frontier: Battle Maiden Sky Angel Vanilla Trailer

The last of Brave Frontier’s Battle Maiden series has descended from the heavens to whoop some ass. Sky Angel Vanilla is the light maiden. This lady survived...

Brave Frontier | Reeze, Rashil, and Logan Trailer

You can get three brand new characters to get through rare summons. For now, these three will drop at higher rates so go out there and burn some gems. These ...

Brave Frontier | Battle Maiden Fennia Trailer

From now up until May 26th, you’ll have the opportunity to enter Fennia’s three dungeons in hope of her dropping for your collection. Fennia is a lightning u...

Brave Frontier | Auto Battle

The new "Auto Battle" feature allows you to click one button, sit back, and relax. As a means to strain yourself, occasionally you'll have to tap the screen ...

Brave Frontier | Battle Maiden Bayley Trailer

Maiden Bayley is here, shouldering her weapon which she has so darling named “Liebe” for your close-quarter needs. Can you trust that cat like smile and femi...

Brave Frontier | Battle Maiden Cayena Trailer

Packing a HUGE rocket launcher, Battle Maiden Cayena is packing heat. No really! She’s a fire elemental and brings some serious pain to her foes. The burden ...

Brave Frontier | Battle Maiden Serin Trailer

This Brave Frontier lady packs a chain gun named Vequa and she’s all sorts of ready to get her revenge upon the lands of Grand Gaia. This blue bomber packs a...