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Brain Age 2: More Training in Minutes a Day - NDS Cheats


Unlock Nintendo DS
Block Count - Hard Mode Get 26 Stamps
Calculate the Height Get 22 stamps
Calculate the Height - Hard Difficulty Attain a perfect 5/5 score
Correct Change Get 01 Stamp
Days and Time Get 06 Stamp
Determine the Time Get 16 Stamp
Finish Position Get 10 Stamp
Hard Mode - Word Blend Score 100 points
Hard Mode - Word Blend Get 12 Stamp
Hard Mode for Sign Finder Attain a time of 17 seconds or less
Masterpiece Recital - Hard Difficulty Attain a perfect 100 score
Memory Addition - Hard Difficulty Attain a time under 40 seconds
Memory Addition - Hard Difficulty Get 24 stamps
Memory Adition Get 03 Stamp
Missing Symbols - Hard Difficulty Get 20 Stamp
Select Song Masterpiece Recital Get 14 Stamp
Stamp Designer Get 08 Stamp
Sudoku Advanced Difficulty Solve any Intermediate level puzzle in less than 15 minutes
Tips Option Get 05 Stamp
Virus Buster Get a stamp for the day, the go to the last selection, and select it.
World Blend Get 02 Stamp
Access Brain Tips 05 Stamps
Block Count Game 22 Stamps
Block Count Hard Mode 26 Stamps
Calendar Count Game 06 Stamps
Change Maker Game 02 Stamps
Choose Songs on Piano Player 12 Stamps
Clock Spin Game 16 Stamps
Math Recall Game 10 Stamps
Math Recall Hard Mode 24 Stamps
Memory Sprint Game 01 Stamp
Piano Player Hard Mode 18 Stamps
Sign Finder Hard Mode 20 Stamps
Stamp Designer 08 Stamps
Word Blend Game 03 Stamps