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Bracken Tor: The Time of Tooth And Claw Cheats

Cheat Mode

Unlock PC
Type these codes during game play: mpkfa God mode mpbunz Makes Claw strong mpfps Display frame rate mppos Display world position mpplayallday Infinite lives mpstopwatch Display elapsed time mpjordan Super jump mploaded Full ammo mpapple Full health mpcasper Invisibility mppenguin Ice sword mpfranklin Lightning sword mpfreak Catnip mode mplith Monolith logos and music mpscully Skip a level mpskinner Go straight to boss and skip level MPVADAR invincibility MPPLAYALLDAY Infinite lives mode MPFRANKLIN Lightning Sword MPPENGUIN Ice sword MPAPPLE full health MPGANDALF Full magic MPFREAK Catnip MPLOADED Full Ammo MPSTOPWATCH Timer on the bottom of the screen MPPOS Shows global position MPFPS Frames per second MPOBJECTS shows the number of objects on screen MPNOINFO Show/hide info for the four codes above MPBLASTER full dynamite MPDEVHEADS shows developers heads instead of treasure MPBLASTER full dynamite