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Think outside the box to save a world in peril! Traverse tricky landscapes by creating boxes to help Qbby navigate more than 20 puzzling worlds. Just watch out—tons of obstacles stand in your way, so fortify yourself with a Shielding Afro or other boxy defenses. Then beat some more stages to earn sweet square costumes, like a superhero outfit!

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My BoxBoy review code sat in my inbox for about a week. It's not that I didn't want to play it, but the end of March and even the beginning of April was filled with a ton of games that demanded more of my attention. Not knowing what BoxBoy was, I looked up some gameplay videos, and wasn't taken by what I saw. Something about a boy that looks like a box and there are a lot of puzzles involved. I figured, passing on the review at that time was OK in lieu of bigger, more time consuming titles. Now that the storm has calmed, I was ready to finally dive into BoxBoy. After just beating the first world, which took me all of probably 5 minutes, I saw the immense potential. This was a game that isn't gaining any favors through gameplay videos. It's a game you have to play... Read Review

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