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Botanicula is point'n'click exploration game created by Jaromír Plachý and Amanita Design. It’s about a bunch of five friends - little tree creatures who set out for a journey to save the last seed from their home tree which is infested by evil parasites. The original soundtrack and sound effects are created by Czech alternative band DVA.

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Nature is a perfect backdrop for a game about harmony. Botanicula (now on Steam), a point-and-click exploration game from Amanita Design, extends that theme beyond the story of five tiny tree dwellers journeying to save their home from parasitic spider-creatures. From a design perspective, the game seeks to balance the pleasantries of music with delightful puzzles and exploration. Botanicula starts and ends strong like the great tree once was, but it’s the middle that sends everything spiralling into discord. The indie game lacks textual and spoken dialogue, letting players enjoy the scenery and discover the teeming, symbiotic life without forcing them to sit through lengthy expositions. This quality gives Botanicula a remarkable sense of flow, emphasizing the behavior... Read Review

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