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Microsoft Unveils TGS Lineup

All Microsoft-themed articles this week must feature at least one Halo: Reach image With TGS upon us it's time for the companies to begin the show and tell process. Thankfully, Microsoft has just released the full list of games which they'll have available at this week's show. It's quite a hefty dollop of stuff indeed, and gamers should be very pleased with all that's being offered. Hit the jump for the full list. Read More


New Details Surface for Bonk: Brink of Extinction

Bonk's return to prominence and glory (one would hope) in Bonk: Brink of Extinction has been detailed more thoroughly in the November issue of Nintendo Power magazine (via NeoGAF). The game, which will be available for WiiWare, Xbox LIVE Arcade, and the PlayStation Network, sounds like it will have a pretty good amount of ground to cover as downloads go, with 30 stages laid out across three worlds. This will be expanded further thanks to downloadable content, allowing for a second adventure mode and two multiplayer modes. Read More


Hudson Soft Doesn't Announce New Bonk, Bomberman, and Rooms Titles

You remember Bonk, right? It shouldn't be difficult; the mascot of the TurboGrafx-16 and his futuristic descendant Zonk have made up a healthy share of Virtual Console releases since they began the service. And now, it appears that Hudson is ready to bring the courageous cave-dweller and his stone-hard skull back for a new generation. Read More


Ignition and Tecmo Get Nostalgic, Announce DS RPG Nostalgia for North America

For a while, it seemed that there was no interest in a North American release for the DS role-playing game known as "Nostalgeo no Kaze" (among a number of translations). However, when all hope seemed to be lost, the power of not one, but two companies stepped in to make sure that come September, Western gamers would get the chance to step into an alternate 19th-century Earth. The game has quite the pedigree behind it: It's developed by Matrix Software, who were responsible for Dragon Quest V on the PS2 and Final Fantasies III-IV on the DS, and is done so in association with Red Entertainment, who has dabbled in such titles as Gungrave, Thousand Arms, and even Bonk. And for Japanophiles, it gets even better: Keisuke Kikuchi of Fatal Frame and Tokobot is the Producer, with direction by Sakura Taisen's Naoki Morita. Art direction comes from Yoshiteru Tsujino (known from Far East of Eden), with airship design by Takuhito Kusanagi (Grandia, Blue Submarine No.6, Samurai 7), and enemy design by Keita Amemiya (Iria- Zeiram the Animation, Kamen Rider). Their efforts will put players in the role of Eddie, a headstrong Londoner who, in true RPG fashion, amasses a group of followers who will join him as he travels the skies in a steampunk-inspired zeppelin. For the full story on this unique take on the genre, continue reading for the full press release. Read More