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  • Available on PC
  • Publisher(s): D-Dub
  • Developer: D-Dub
  • Release Date(s): Aug 10, 2010
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Game Summary

Play BoneTown, the 3D Action Adventure PC Video Game where anything goes! In this naughty role playing game with the free roaming atmosphere of GTA,"The Man, Inc." is trying to "moralize" the free-loving, hard partying city of BoneTown. Fighting alongside such BoneTown heroes as Jesus and Ron Jeremy and armed with mighty fists, tasty booze, crazy drugs, and a big cock, you are the town's only hope. The possibilities are endless in BoneTown, so make sure to get the video game the Man doesn't want you to play--before they can shut us down!

BoneTown Review

In an age where censorship takes the forefront to shield our "virgin" eyes and ears from "danger", it’s a relief and a curse that a game such as BoneTown actually exists. Not ashamed to overstep the boundaries of morality, and is so self aware that its almost sickening, Bonetown is essentially an interactive porno that, while is intriguing at first, is limited in scope.Porn games are nothing new. In Japan, they’re quite common, except they are played as visual novels, rather than full-fledged games. BoneTown instead emulates the likes of Grand Theft Auto containing an open world to free roam at the player's own leisure.You’ll start washed up on the beach, being awakened by a douchebag frat boy relieving himself on you, which then paves way for the tutorial on how to rough him up a bit.... Read Review

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    BoneTown review

    Mike Splechta Aug 11, 2010