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MEDIA: Bomberman Live Battlefest Teaser Trailer

Old favorite Bomberman is getting a facelift this year. A very retro teaser trailer of the upcoming Bomberman Live: Battlefest for XBLA, PS3 and Wii has been released. With updated graphics and four new play modes, Bomberman Live: Battlefest is shaping up to look like a decent title. (Not to mention I'm excited to play this on a console other than my TI-89 calculator.) Look for the game coming sometime this winter. Read More


Hudson Soft Doesn't Announce New Bonk, Bomberman, and Rooms Titles

You remember Bonk, right? It shouldn't be difficult; the mascot of the TurboGrafx-16 and his futuristic descendant Zonk have made up a healthy share of Virtual Console releases since they began the service. And now, it appears that Hudson is ready to bring the courageous cave-dweller and his stone-hard skull back for a new generation. Read More