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Bomberman 2 - Feature

Bomberman 2: Cheats, Guides, and Help Discussions

Bomberman 2 Boxart

Game Details

  • For fans of Arcade
  • Publisher(s): Hudson
  • Release Date(s): TBA
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Alternate Title Screens

Unlock Nintendo DS
Alternate screen 1 Clear the game once.
Alternate screen 2 Achieve 100% of game completion.

Extra Parts (Units)

Unlock Nintendo DS
Bomberman Max (set of 4 new parts) Get S Rank in all stages of zone G.
Bon Bon Bon (ribbon) Get S Rank in all stages of zone F.
Cutie Skirt Get S Rank in all stages of zone A.
Leather Shoes Install 1,000 packs (power-ups).
Ossan Glasses Achieve 60% of game percentage.
Ossan Glove Achieve 80% of game percentage.
Ossan Shirt Achieve 70% of game percentage.
Ossan Sneakers Achieve 90% of game percentage.
Sailor Ware Get S Rank in all stages of zone D and E.
School Bag Get S Rank in all stages of zone B and C.
Silk Hat Set 10,000 bombs.
Stick Defeat 1,000 enemies.
Tuxedo Destroy 6,000 blocks.
Flash EX Defeat over 7000 enemies
Four Leaf Destroy over 4000 soft blocks
Free Roam Set over 7000 bombs
Ice Rink EX Acquire over 30000 EXP
Magnet EX Pick up over 700 packs
Quicksand EX Clear over 300 missions