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When you play a game called “Bodycount”, you should already know what to expect from the game. Bodycount lives up to its name; it is a fast-paced run-and-gun. It feels like a classic arcade shooter, and it stresses the player racking up a high kill count with stylized kills and combos. The game puts you in the shoes of—well, I’m not sure who. I was never given a... Read Review

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Bodycount Review

When you play a game called “Bodycount”, you should already know what to expect from the game. Bodycount lives up to its name; it is a fast-paced Read More


Bodycount Developer Leaving Codemasters

The man behind the upcoming shooter Bodycount, Stuart Black, will be leaving Codemasters in October, before his game has released, the developer has announced. Black has been with Codemasters for three years, prepping Bodycount for its release in 2011. Before his tenure with Codemasters, Black spent time with Criterion Games, working on their own shooter, the appropriately titled Black, released in 2005. Bodycount is considered a spiritual successor to Black's previous game, with high-octane shooting action and destructable environments. But that's not all to this story, as some developers have come to consider Black a hypocrite with his latest move. Read More


E3 2010: BODYCOUNT Hands-On

If there's one game that I've been keeping a close eye on over the past couple of months, it's BODYCOUNT, the latest from Stuart Black. Black, who's never shy of controversy, created Black, a first-person shooter for the Xbox and PS2 that was released to mixed reviews. Now, he's out to best his previous efforts by creating an all new modern first-person shooter in BODYCOUNT. A few days ago at E3, I was given the opportunity to get some hands-on time with BODYCOUNT, and my impressions of the title can be found after the jump. Read More


Bodycount Creator Stuart Black: FPS' Need Stories

Stuart Black, the leader of the development on Bodycount has said that one of the things his team learned from the development of their first title, Black, was that a game has to have a story. Is this true? Does my first person shooter need a story? You betcha. Read on to find out what Black had to say and why what he's saying is exactly what we need. Read More


Killzone 2 1.21 Patch Coming Tuesday!

Guerilla Games confirmed today the release for 1.21. It will be coming to your Playstation on the 31st of March 8am GMT. Get ready for some more fixes and upgrades to your new favorite online shooter. Details on the patch after the cut, also check this article out to see what they are planning for the future patches. There is quite a bit they want to get accomplished. It's not every day a developer lets us see what they are planning. So go ahead and click below to continue reading the patch notes! Read More


Incoming Patch 1.21 for Killzone 2 Next Week!

Guerrilla Games gave word today of the newest patch in development for Killzone 2. There are some very significant fixes for this patch that should fix a lot of issues for a lot of gamers. The patch is due to be released next week sometime, more details coming on monday. With the patch notes also came some notes on what they are working on after this patch as well! Some more control enhancements coming? Hit the cut to find out what was changed and what is due to be changed in the future! Read More