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Dr Kawashima Returns on Kinect

Dr Kawashima Returns on Kinect

  The name Dr. Ryuta Kawashima leapt to popularity with the release of Brain Age on the Nintendo DS. Offering a daily mental workout supposedly based on actual science-type stuff, it was a big success with young and old alike. And it spawned a million spinoffs in the casual games sphere. Now, Dr. Kawashima is turning his talents to a new Kinect game. Find out more after the jump. Read More

kombo Sep 17, 2010 | Comments
Nintendo Download - 4.6.09: 1 WiiWare, 1 Virtual Console, and 6 DSi Titles

Nintendo Download - 4.6.09: 1 WiiWare, 1 Virtual Console, and 6 DSi Titles

To your right, you will see why I would wager we didn't get The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask on Virtual Console today, just as I predicted. Hopefully next week. Instead, the Nintendo DSi steals the show this week, bringing with it six new downloadable programs. Fortunately, Wii owners aren't left out, as the puzzle-type game EQUILIBRIO arrives on WiiWare, and the Virtual Console gets Uncharted Waters: New Horizons from the Super NES. Read on for all the details surrounding this week's releases, while we hope that Link arrives in time to save us from getting crushed under a twisted psycho-moon. It would kind of suck if we were the only ones. Read More

kombo Apr 6, 2009 | Comments