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Blue Estate Review

There are always talks of genres dying out, fading out of popularity. But if there's one genre that is on life support, it's the rail-shooter. Blue Estate aimed to bring that back; the feeling of holding a gun, aiming at your enemies and squeezing the trigger. In that respect, Blue Estate nails it. In other areas... well, that's another story. As soon as you get to the... Read Review

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Guitar Hero 5's Entire Tracklist Revealed

Guitar Hero 5's Entire Tracklist Revealed

Activision has released the last 15 tracks to complete their Epic 85 song list for the next installment of Guitar Hero. The notables to mention are Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit", Queen and David Bowie's "Under Pressure" and the legendary Johnny Cash song "Ring of Fire". As promised, the entire 85 track list will be available from the moment you pop the disc into your system. The game is set to start shipping September 1st, so plan your late night early morning accordingly. Hit the jump to check out the last 15 songs as well as the full track list for Guitar Hero 5. Read More

kombo Jul 30, 2009 | Comments