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Bloody Good Time takes a new and irreverent approach to multiplayer shooters and will run on Valve’s Source engine, a well-known specialized 3D game engine for classic multiplayer shooters. Bloody Good Time puts players on a Hollywood set, where they get to choose their thrill. From a spring-break beach house, to a horrifying Vegas hotel, players will discover the merciless world of movie studios where anyone can star in a scary Hollywood blockbuster film. There is an option link up to eight players online in this first-person shooter and to have a multiplayer experience like no other. In Bloody Good Time, players can be as devious as possible by killing other competitors in nasty and unexpected ways. Players can use an arsenal of wacky weapons including guns, a frying pan and even an exploding remote-controlled rat to transform the movie set into real mayhem. In addition, players will be able to choose from a variety of stereotypical B-movie characters, such as the bikini beach babe, the creepy clown and the super jock.

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Ever hear of a game called The Ship? Unless you were hardcore into the PC gaming market at the time, chances are you haven’t. Outerlight’s 2007 first-person shooter wasn’t as popular as other entries in the genre, but it managed to attract a select few with its wacky premise and interesting gameplay settings. Trying to capitalize on that audience, Ubisoft has released the budget-priced sequel for Xbox Live Arcade, Bloody Good Time. Unfortunately, the concept isn’t so great this time around, and the game simply can’t live up to its name.The idea is a clever one. Rather than running through each round in a fearless deathmatch march, you actually have to find your target amidst one of the three maps included in the game. Then you’ll have to keep an eye out for security guards, because if... Read Review

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