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BloodRayne: Betrayal delivers stylish 2D side-scrolling action with a deadly dose of bloodshed. Players become Rayne, the sexy and dangerous dhampir born from the union of vampire and human, blessed with extraordinary strength, speed and agility, but cursed with a thirst for blood and weakness to sunlight. Begrudgingly recruited by the vampire hunting Brimstone Society for one final mission, Rayne teams up with a mysterious new friend to stop an evil vampire massacre. Introducing new characters, gruesome environmental puzzles and a full arsenal of lethal weapons including Rayne's signature arm blades, BloodRayne: Betrayal stays true to the fan-favorite vampire game franchise while incorporating challenging new enemies and surprises specifically designed for mature audiences.

Bloodrayne Betrayal Review

Back in the 80s, a video game hero could stomp on turtles and eat mushrooms and that was pretty much accepted. No one questioned what was going on in older games, even if it was completely nonsensical. These days, a bit of context can go a long way. At least, that was the thought going through my head as I butchered my way through Bloodrayne: Betrayal. I was asking myself why I was killing these enemies, and what any of them had to do with each other. Was I breaking up some club for mutated misfits? What was my motivation? There is, of course, the loose premise of stopping evil. There's the inclusion of a second hero, a pale anime man that can turn into a bird. Then, there's the betrayal, as advertised. There's certainly some plot points beyond “save the... Read Review

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    BloodRayne: Betrayal Review

    Joe Donato Sep 13, 2011