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Weekly Wrap-Up 9/16/11

After a long week, there's nothing quite like sitting in front of your TV or computer and playing some video games. Of course, reading about video ga Read More


Gears of War Movie Budget and Story Scaled Back; Industry and Fans Sigh in Resignation

After hordes of rumors that New Line's Gears of War adaptation was dead in the emulsion, the LA Times now says "the film's story and budget have been scaled back." Apparently it's been transformed from "a multi-generational epic with a big-canvas feel" to "a more simple, straight-ahead invasion story." Len Wiseman, of Live Free or Die Hard and Underworld fame, has turned his attention elsewhere, and New Line is looking to replace Wanted writer Chris Morgan's current script with something less epic. Hit the jump to reflect on whether or not this is a bad thing. Read More


Netflix Streaming Brings Home Your Favorite Video Game Related Movies

There's nothing quite like sitting back with a bucket of popcorn and watching a horrible video game movie. The acting is usually bad, they usually have nothing to do with the source material, and you can feel like a total bad ass when you tell your girlfriend that you did in fact "catch them all." Really though, what better way to enjoy a video game related movie than by watching it on your Xbox 360 through Netflix streaming? MTV Multiplayer did all of you a favor and collected every video game movie/cartoon available via Netflix streaming and placed them all in a nice little list for your perusal. The list is pretty small but it does have some must-watch titles for anyone who is into games. For example, Pokemon: The First Movie features the catchy song from Norwegian pop music duo M2M called "Don't Say You Love Me." That's worth the download right there. Here's the list! Bloodrayne Bloodrayne 2 National Geographic's ...Video Games: Behind the Fun Gamers Super Mario Bros. Super Show: Mario of the Deep Pokemon: The First Movie Street Fighter Alpha (Anime) Street Fighter Generations (Anime) The Legend of Zelda: The Complete Series Now you might be getting excited about the complete series of The Legend of Zelda being on there but I have to warn you. A friend of mine lent me the series a few years ago and it is quite possibly the worst thing I have ever laid eyes upon. I loved it when I was a kid but just like hammer pants and Roxette, it's better left in the past. Read More