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Surrounded by the undead, what we once knew as Project Beast looks like it could be from the Souls series but is possible much much more.

Bloodborne Review

I bought a PlayStation 4 for two reasons, Persona 5 and Bloodborne. While P5 could still be ages away, Bloodborne fell into my lap and all the Soulsian goodness engulfed me near instantly. I love me some ‘Souls’ games – even being one of those proud hipsters that actually played/beat Demon’s Souls. You can find full walkthroughs of Dark Souls, Dark Souls 2, and even Bloodborne now via GameZone and our YouTube channel. This game feels so similar yet different enough to really stand out in gameplay, graphics, and experience. When even I play games I’ve been madly anticipating though, I’m always harsher due to expectations, hype, and level of fulfillment. Bloodborne is a FromSoft and Hidetaka Miyazaki project – you know, the Souls ‘A... Read Review

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