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Black Swan Review

Never would I have thought a film about ballerinas would be so malicious and distressing. Dealing with a subject renowned for its precise and meticul Read More


GTA IV\'s Liberty City Looks Great from First Person

Since 2001's Grand Theft Auto 3, every console and PC entry in the series of dramatic crime shooters has been played from a third person perspective. Even Rockstar's other games, like Red Dead Redemption, follow this trend. Last year a PC modder altered GTA IV to include a first person perspective similar to that found in other shooters, and the results are surprisingly immersive. The videos are currently making the rounds on gaming blogs, and it's obvious why. Long story short, GTA IV in first person is a changed game. Hit the jump for another video. Read More


Sports Sunday: Cheaters v. Purists

As everyone who reads this site regularly knows, I’m a stick jockey. I love sports games, and that’s why every Sunday is sports game Sunday at Kombo. I love the thrill of competition, and hey, let’s be honest, part of the thrill in playing sports games is, like in any game, pretending you’re something you aren’t. I always create a version of myself to put on a team, and I love playing through Be A Pro, Virtual Pro, and other examples of the game types that blend sports game and RPG. I increase my player’s skills over time and become a superstar, controlling only my player and no one else on the field. I also love taking command of an entire team and playing against opponents online, and here’s where the kicker comes in: every once in a while you play a game that just ruins the online experience. Read More


Naughty Bear's Very Naughty Multiplayer Details Revealed

505 Games and Artificial Mind and Movement revealed today exactly how their impending game Naughty Bear is going to allow players to be naughty to one another. A press release details Naughty Bear's multiplayer modes, about which they have recently been very hush-hush. In fact, Lead Designer Ash Pannell recently avoided revealing details when I asked him about the multiplayer. "The multiplayer takes everything that you saw in the single player, and just makes it more intense and crazy," he said. "Imagine what you're doing to other bears, and then imagine that you're doing it to your friends, and that will give you a rough idea of what multiplayer's all about." Hit the jump for the details. Read More