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Based on a popular board game that debuted in the 80s, Blood Bowl is a tactical take on football with Warhammer-like Orcs, trolls, dwarves, elves, etc. taking to the field. Instead of being a full-on football game rivaling Madden (or, dare I say, the beloved Mutant League Football for the SEGA Genesis many years ago), the game is a strategy title set on a football field. The game scores... Read Review

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SouthPeak Brings the Blood Ball to Xbox 360 and PSP

Have you ever been playing Madden and thought it needed more elves, orcs, and/or dwarves. Well, SouthPeak Interactive is bringing the PC downloadable darling to the Xbox 360 next month, as well as giving the game a release on PSP this Spring. The game features your favorite fantasy races putting down their swords and battle axes and picking up the pigskin for a good ol' smackdown. However, expect a far more arcade version of the game, with RPG leveling, magic casting, and of course, tons of hacking and slashing. You can call this real fantasy football, pun fully intended. Read More


E3 2009 Media: Red Steel 2 Video, Images, Fact Sheet, and Q&A

Hey, that guy's Wii Remote isn't in its jacket! I swear, Red Steel 2 looks like it's going to be awesome, and I hope it lives up to its potential. Perhaps we'll hear more about it in the next couple of days. In the meantime, we have some nice new images in our gallery, as well as a Q&A and fact sheet below. Read More


Nintendo's Full Q1 Line-up for the UK

Earlier today, we brought you word of how you could put your Miis on your DS with a new title called "Walk with Me," rather than "Walk with Mii" for some reason. Go figure. In any case, that's only half the story; Nintendo has released their line-up for the first quarter of 2009... or at least, Nintendo UK has. Odds are, a lot of releases will be in close proximity to the NA releases, though, so it can be useful info to us here, anyway. Read More


Football Games that Lack NFL License Get Creative

Being a self professed video game nerd, there is something hidden in my genetic code that makes it impossible for me to be good at football. Try as I might, my glasses act as inhibitors at getting better at catching the pigskin. Through video games, I have been able to conquer some sort of gridiron glory with the help of virtual players. Through the years, it has been interesting to follow the meteoric rise of importance the yearly Madden camp-outs and see gamers – casual and hardcore – share a bonding experience. Read More


Platinum Games: MadWorld Feels 'At Home on Wii'

For a moment, imagine a murderer. His startlingly monochromatic complexion colored only by vibrant crimson blood stains, he is a bulky and intimidating man conducive to nightmares of the fiercest variety. Next, imagine a sunny, family-friendly neighborhood with white picket fences and colorful flower gardens. Folks in these parts usually gather with their loved ones to play tennis, bowl a few frames, embark on inane fitness routines and play carnival-themed mini-games. Now imagine if that mountain of murderous muscle decided to move into that neighborhood. Any guess as to how he'd be welcomed by the locals? With open arms and fruit baskets, says all-star development studio Platinum Games. Speaking to CVG Platinum Games' Atsushi Inaba said the pick up and play nature of the controversial action game made it a good fit for Wii. "We're really interested in the Wii platform so we wanted to create a really cool and stylish game for that," said Inaba. "As you can see [from our Leipzig presentation] it's really easy to pick up and play so when we came up with the concept of MadWorld the Wii felt like a good console for that. It feels like a game that is at home on Wii." -- CVG If "at home on Wii" is referring to the game's simple controls, perhaps Inaba is right. To my understanding of the phrase, however, "at home" certainly doesn't equate to media groups calling for your banishment from store shelves, as is already happening in the United Kingdom. Expect the media shitstorm to only get nastier when mainstream Americans learn of the game. Published by SEGA, MadWorld is scheduled to release in early 2009. Read More