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Bleach: Soul Resurrección is based on the anime and manga that features the battle between the Soul Reapers and the army of evil Arrancars. Bleach: Soul Resurrección will have players slay armies of Hollows. Fans of the show will be pleased to know that the game follows the original story closely. The game evokes the spirit of the anime not only with its beautiful cel-shaded graphics, but bringing on the original voice actors for both English and Japanese options. Bleach: Soul Resurrección will give gamers an unparalleled anime action game experience.

Bleach: Soul Resurreccion Review

I was relatively into the Bleach anime at its very early stage, but I stopped watching after a good 60 episodes. Therefore, going into Bleach: Soul Resurreccion, I already knew I was going to be completely oblivious to the storyline. What I wasn't oblivious to was the fun I had hacking and slashing at my enemies with stylish moves. The story, or what I could get from it, revolves around Ichigo and his friends going up against Aizen and his group of Arrancar, called the Espada. Confused? Don't worry about it; the story definitely takes a backseat in this game. Where the game shines is the gameplay. Sure it takes a similar approach to Dynasty Warriors, but there is a lot of underlying strategy and an expansive moveset to keep it from being just another "Press square to... Read Review

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