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Play as the gorgeous gunsword-wielding treasure hunter Ayumi as she carves a path of destruction through a mysterious and dangerous island. While rich with bounty, the island is also caught in the throes of Chaos magic. Ayumi soon discovers that it is also the home of thousands of long-held secrets, including special powers and abilities that she can gain for herself. Using everything she can, she must find a way to defeat armies of menacing villains and a multitude of treacherous traps in order to break free of the possessed island's grasp. With a host of colorful characters, eye-popping visual appeal, tons of treasure and a huge variety of combat skills to master, Blades of Time will satisfy gamers' hunger for an entertaining yet deep action game that even gamers new to the hack-and-slash genre will enjoy.

Blades of Time Review

Did we really ask for a sequel to X-Blades?  The forgettable action romp, featuring a buxom blonde warrior who was just as tepid as the quest she was sent on, didn’t really click on any level thanks to its monotonous combat and below-average stage design.  Somehow, Konami was tempted to give Ayumi, the main star, another try with Blades of Time, a Gaijin Entertainment-produced sequel with a bigger structure and more opportunities to kick ass.  While it is improved in some areas (it wasn’t hard to overcome X-Blades’ multiple flaws), we came away from it feeling like it was nothing more than a low-rent God of War.  That may even be giving it too much credit. The adventure follows Ayumi as she seeks out a treasure within the underworld,... Read Review

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