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With any new motion-sensing device, you’re bound to run into a developer’s project that simply doesn’t grasp how to properly use it.  Last week, it was Hulk Hogan’s Main Event, a completely disconnected – and awful – “wrestling” game that was better left sitting on retail shelves.  This week, sad to say, we’ve run across yet... Read Review

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Red Dead Redemption: Legends and Killers DLC Review

  Tomahawks, tomahawks, tomahawks.  Booting up the new Red Dead DLC pointed me directly in the direction of stereotypical Native American weaponry.  The Tomahawk is the only weapon included in the Legends and Killers pack. Getting it isn't as simple as downloading the content and booting up.  Players must head to the Manzanita Post in Tall Trees and buy their chuckable axes there.  They sell for $10 a piece, which is huge scratch for those that didn't spend time finding treasure or looting the innocent, and players can only buy them from that specific store. It is entirely possible that fallen enemies stashed axes in their special, hideaway places, I was just never lucky enough to find them.  So, every time I wanted more axes in order to complete the set of challenges that came with the new weapon, I had to head back to the Manzanita post and shell out more dough.  On one hand this could be considered an excellent well for frustration, but the developers and die-hards might point towards it as an evil way to extend the life of the single player value within this DLC. More after the break... Read More


Rockstar Bringing New Social Club Features to Red Dead Redemption

Since Rockstar Games began their "Social Club" media network, it has been used for little more than a way to check out song lists in Grand Theft Auto IV, as well as the uploading of high scores in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars. There hasn't been much in the way of evolving content on the social network, but that has changed with the announcement of features that will be added to the club with the release of Red Dead Redemption this month. First off, the network's members will be privy to a series of challenges, all based off of in-game events and allowing players to win real-world prizes. Also, a community-driven, constantly evolving newspaper called "The Blackwater Ledger" will be accessible in game, keeping players abreast of ongoing player achievements. Also, expect a series of multiplayer events to be made available, the first of which will kick off on May 21 with as players battle against members of Rockstar's developmental teams. Apart from that, you can also expect the standard achievements, leaderboards, stats, and other features that come from a social network like this. For those that have been holding off from joining the Social Club, hit the cut to find out why you should...and why you can expect this to start becoming the standard in gaming. Read More