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Cheats for Black Sigil : Blade of the Exiled

Unlock Vai

  • DS
  • unlock

Collect the five armaments after the world is fused, then return to Isapolis.

Sigil Equipment

  • DS
  • unlock
Sigil Armlet Go to the Desert of Black Sand located east of Polamaze. Make your way to the dungeon located in the south-east and defeat the boss to obtain the Arml
Sigil Armor go to the Arena (where Xanadu previously was) and enter the Team Battle; make it up to the 9th battle, then opt out.
Sigil Blade Visit Tradefair the quest for this piece. The Blade can then be obtained by defeating the boss of Draken Mansion.
Sigil Helm buy in a shop right next to the clothes shop in Tradefair; it costs 100,000 GP and is the only item for sale.
Sigil Necklace beat the boss on the bridge leading to Tradefair

Obtain Doll

  • DS
  • unlock
  • First get Nephi after visiting the entrance of Isopolis.
  • Go back to the Corridor of Clouds and return to the entrance of Abraxus' Tower.
  • Instead of entering the Tower, simply go to the right and examine the door you see there for Nephi to unlock it.
  • Locate where a purple person is and examine him, after a brief scene, you will now have Doll in your party.