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After achieving plenty of success with the stellar Sine Mora, it only makes sense that Digital Reality and Grasshopper Manufacture would team up again. This time around, the result of this pairing is Black Knight Sword, a 2D action-platformer that features some of the best art design of the year. Unfortunately, the same level of enthusiasm can’t be used to describe the game’s... Read Review

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Sonic and the Black Knight Producer Speaks on Arming Sonic with a Sword and More

When the first news of Sonic and the Black Knight hit the scene, the initial reaction was "oh, what now?" and was soon followed by "they gave him a what?" In a recent interview with the SEGA America Blog, Producer/Director Tetsu Katano explained how the concept of arming Sonic with a sword came to be (and that he too realized that, if not done properly, the concept could be "preposterous"). Read More


Media: Sonic and the Black Knight - Gawain Trailer

IGN's latest video for Sonic and the Black Knight gives us another glimpse of the storybook-like cutscenes, and a pretty nice look at the sword-fighting mechanics used for tougher enemies as Sonic takes on Sir Gawain, who wields dual blades and bears a striking resemblance to a certain hot-headed echidna we all know... I still think it looks fun. As I said before, I'm not looking for a "Sonic" game any more, just a fun game with Sonic will do. And this may just deliver. March isn't far now... Read More


Nintendo Power Reviews Sonic and the Black Knight, While Joey Covers NYCC

Above is second-hand footage of Sonic and the Black Knight, currently playable at the New York Comic Con. Our own Joey Davidson is covering the show, and will give us his impressions upon his triumphant return. Expect lots of good stuff to come out of that. But for now, people are getting their new issues of Nintendo Power with big Indy Jones gracing the cover, and those upon whom it has been bestowed first are, as usual, willing to share its coveted contents with those of us cursing the mailman for tardiness. As a result, here are some excerpts to give us some idea of what to expect from the Blue Blur's latest. Read More


Sonic and the Black Knight Features Multiplayer Deathmatch Mode, and More Info

I will confess: While I am a Sonic the Hedgehog fan, I tend to view him more as a comic book character first, video game character second. Sad as that may be to hear, the truth of the matter is that I hate to miss an issue of the book, while there have been several Sonic games over the past few years which I just have not bothered with. And while I still look forward to Sonic and the Black Knight, I must also confess that things like the damnable Tornado quick-time event section of Sonic Unleashed and recent revelations have severely diminished my hope. That said, we've got some new info for what I hope will at least be a fun, bearable Sonic game, rather than one that might have been good were it not sinking from all the wrenches thrown into it. Read More


Nintendo's Full Q1 Line-up for North America

A few days ago, we brought you Nintendo's full first-quarter lineup for the UK (or possibly more of Europe; it came from Nintendo UK, and they didn't really elaborate much). Today, we have the full first-quarter lineup for North America, which has some minor differences here and there. One note: Is "New Play Control!" seriously what they're looking at calling the "Play on Wii" lineup? Read More


TGS 2008: Media: Sonic and the Black Knight Trailer

Sega's put out a new trailer the upcoming Sonic and the Black Knight for Nintendo Wii, and judging from the video, it's got all the makings of a classic Wii Sonic game: on-rails gameplay, corny teaser text like "The fabled sword selects its bearer," and cheesy rockin' music complete with terrible lyrics. To this game's credit, the emphasis on sword gameplay looks like it'll spice up the traditional Sonic action we're all used to. Read More


Sonic and the Black Knight - Nintendo Power Details Revealed

Over the weekend, the cover of the new issue of Nintendo Power started making the rounds, and with it, news of the new title from SEGA, "Sonic and the Black Knight." Now, there's finally some information from inside the magazine to help bring some of the game's mysteries to light. As noted previously, the game comes as a successor to Sonic and the Secret Rings as part of the "Storybook Series" of Sonic games, and is developed by the same team as well; this would be a good thing, one might surmise, given that the flaws of that game were more by design than by bugs or inability to manipulate a camera. The story follows Sonic as he is summoned to the realm of King Arthur by a sorceress named Merlina. But all is not well in Camelot; as the King has become corrupted, and now rules as the tyrannical (and titular) Black Knight. Sonic, aided by a talking sword named Calibur which serves as his mentor, begins his quest to overthrow the Black Knight as a mere knave; in order to have any hope of defeating Arthur, Sonic himself must become a full-fledged knight. Read More


Sonic & the Black Knight Confirmed

Oh, remember like 8 or so posts ago when we shared with you the leaked cover of Nintendo Power? You know, the one featuring Sonic sporting a sword. Well, make that leak official. Sonic & the Black Knight has been confirmed for release on the Wii in the Spring of 2009 by Sega. Players will be able to wield a sword as the fight some folk in medieval times. This game comes as a successor to the Secret Rings line. Expect to have Sonic style gameplay altered dramatically by the sword. Two Sonic titles in the works? What's next? Read More