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Black Bass with Hank Parker for PC


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The legendary Black Bass fishing series is available for PC! BLACK BASS with Hank Parker for PC Features: Celebrity Angler Sponsorship and Endorsement from HANK PARKER. Multiplayer Mode - Allows up to 16 players to compete simultaneously via LAN or INTERNET. Fully three-dimensional game design. Game Tips from Fishing Legend Hank Parker. Realistic Fish Movement Patterns and Thousands of Fishes in Each of the Four Famous Bass-Packed Lakes. 3-D Accelerator Hardware Support. Major Fishing / Outdoor Publication Endorsement and Sponsorship from BASSIN' Magazine. Major Bass Fishing Tournament Endorsement and Sponsorship from Big Bass World Championship. Algorithms, AI, Lake Environments, Lure Movements and Fish Movements Modeled from Actual Data. Superior Game Design and Ten Years of Fishing Game Development Experience. Mass Market Computer System Compatibility (Playable on Pentium 133 or Higher without Specialized 3-D Hardware Support).