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Rumor: Just Cause 2 DLC Coming This Week

According to an email circulated by Microsoft over the weekend, the first batch of DLC for Just Cause 2 will be release this week. The inaugural helping of new content is the "Chevalier Ice Breaker," which is described as basically a "pimped-up" ice cream truck. There's something absolutely hilarious about picturing the military of Panau chasing and shooting a van that endlessly plays "Pop Goes the Weasel" while tearing down dirt roads and over massive canyons. If the very idea doesn't make you smile then you clearly have no soul. Hit the break to see the full list of leaked content. Read More


Ninja Gaiden II Impressions

Team Ninja has put a great deal of effort into making Ninja Gaiden II a more accessible experience than the infamously difficult Xbox original, but Itagaki's latest can still shame you. Take it from someone that dedicated months of their life to mastering the Xbox original, defeated the brutal hurricane packs, and finished the spirit-crushing master ninja mode in Ninja Gaiden Black: this game is downright nasty at times. That's especially the case if you opt for the tougher Path of the Warrior difficulty setting after having gone more than a year since slicing and dicing with Ryu Hayabusa in the last game. The lingering sting of our wounded pride notwithstanding, Ninja Gaiden II was definitely the most fun playable game at Microsoft's showcase. At this point there's little doubt that Ninja Gaiden II will be the best action game on the Xbox 360 upon release. Read More


Halo 2 Game Guide

Halo 2, one of the baddest creations of a game that has been known to man. It is a game where man becomes face-to-face and... Read More


Metal Slug 3

It’s hard to believe that once upon a time, the shooter genre – one that is now essentially relegated to niche market... Read More