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Unlockable Characters

  • All platforms
  • unlock

Unlockable Characters:

Guhhrahk Beat him
Vezon Complete the game

Takua NuvaBeat: beat the game with all six Inika.

Invincibility and Lego Studs Codes

  • All platforms
  • code

Invincibility and Lego Studs Codes:

500000 Lego Studs B,Y,A,X,X,A,Up,Down,Left
Invincibility in Avak's Stronghold missions Y,B,Y,Right,Up,Down,A,X,LT
Invincibility in Hakann's Volcano missions RT,LT,B,X,A,Up,Left,Right,Y
Invincibility in Reidak's Desert missions A,A,A,B,Down,Left,Y,X,Right
Invincibility in Thok's Mountain missions X,X,Y,Up,A,B,RB,LT,X,Right
Invincibility in Vezok's Coastline missions LB,RT,B,A,Y,Left,Down,B,X
Invincibility in Vezon's Awakening RB,A,X,Y,Right,Left,B,LB,Left,Right,Down
Invincibility in Zaktan's Jungle missions X,LB,RT,A,B,Down,Up,RB,Y