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Indie Spotlight: Cold Beam Games

Indie Spotlight: Cold Beam Games

Beat Hazard, from Cold Beam Games, Is one of the more unique titles to appear in the shmup scene. The enemies, firepower, and seizure-inducing pyrotechnics are all generated from your MP3s, meaning it can be as frenzied or as calm as you choose. The game became a personal favorite after its appearance in Xbox Live's Indie section. After the announcement of Beat Hazard Ultra, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to speak with creator Steve Hunt. Read More

kombo November 2, 2010 | Comments

Beat Hazard Ultra Revealed

I was a huge fan of the original Beat Hazard; a shmup that varied the intensity of enemies and firepower based on your MP3s. It was also nothing shor Read More

Brian Rowe September 27, 2011 | Comments
E3 2009 Media: Motorstorm Arctic Edge Fact Sheet and Trailer

E3 2009 Media: Motorstorm Arctic Edge Fact Sheet and Trailer

The most brutal offroad racing festival returns, with players taking part in the latest off-beat and secret site to join the wild and alternative MotorStorm festival. This time around, the location moves to the unpredictable Alaskan terrain, where players will race through multi-route tracks, harsh terrain, and sub-zero conditions to try and become festival champ. Read More

kombo June 3, 2009 | Comments