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Blurring the borders of good and evil, this cinematic and stylized adventure stars Bayonetta, a heroine bent on sending supernatural forces to the depths of hell. Armed with her four enchanted guns known as Scarborough Fair, she battles both monstrous behemoths and angelic enemies. By combining special magic attacks, summoning primal forces and unleashing devastating weaponry, she impressively punishes anyone who gets in her way. From its fluid and intuitive combat system to its gripping story line, Bayonetta is one action thriller that won't disappoint.

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When the world is threatened by an immeasurable darkness, one curvaceous, leather-clad super-babe will step forward, ready to fight for a better tomorrow. On her journey through hell and back, she’ll run across walls and the sides of buildings as if gravity was not an issue. She’ll leap around her environment, using monsters as stepping stones, to attack from the air. She’ll use weapons – and most often her fists – to combat a cornucopia of carnivorous creatures. And, as if the Wachowski brothers were at her side, she’ll slow down time to defeat her beastly adversaries with ease. Her name isn’t Trinity, and this isn’t The Matrix. Her name is Bayonetta, and she is the star of a glorious action game that is, unofficially, the next... Read Review

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