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  • Available on Wii U
  • Publisher(s): Sega
  • Release Date(s): TBA
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Game Summary

Bayonetta 2 is an upcoming action hack and slash video game.  It is the sequel to the 2009 game, Bayonetta.  It has been revealed that Bayonetta herself will feature a new costume and hairdo. 

Bayonetta 2 Review

I hopped on the back of an angelic horse adorned in golden armor, while on top of a lightning fast jet, zooming through a crumbling New York City, while fending off hordes of pissed off angels that want nothing more than to end my life, ultimately ending with a King Kong-esque fight with giant demonic dragon on top of a skyscraper while I dodge its massive attacks with my newly sprouted wings. Oh, and this is just the prologue mission.  Bayonetta 2, like its predecessor, isn't afraid to turn things up to 11 as soon as you hit Start on the main screen, and the lowest the game ever goes is about a 9. Whether it's high action fight sequences spread around many Verses in an level, or an insanely choreographed cutscene involving Bayonetta and a masked villain duking it... Read Review

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  • Bayonetta 2

    Bayonetta 2 Review

    Mike Splechta Oct 13, 2014