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Cheats for BattleZone

Battlezone Cheats

  • PSP
  • code
always invisible L1, <-, ->, square, triangle, R1
Insta gib L1, sqaure, triangle, ->, triangle, R1
max players ->, <-, ->, <-, ->, <-
Mortar only Triangle, L1, square, square, ->, <-
no auto heal start, ->, <-, select, ->, sqaure
pick up double time sqaure, ->, triangle, ->, R1, L1
Team special recharge ->, ->, <-. square, R1, L1
unlimited ammo <-, R1, L1, triangle, ->, square

Cheat Mode

  • All platforms
  • code
Hold Shift and CTRL and type one of the following codes: BZTNT Unlimited ammo BZBODY Gain unlimited shields BZVIEW Nice view BZFREE Unlimited pilots and resources BZRADAR Reveal the map

Submitted Cheat

  • All platforms
  • code
hold and and type bzview

Flat Mountains And Infinite Lives

  • All platforms
  • code
Frying may cause the mountains to be flattened, or on rare occasions, infinite lives.