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BattleZone Cheats

Battlezone Cheats

Code Playstation Portable
always invisible L1, <-, ->, square, triangle, R1
Insta gib L1, sqaure, triangle, ->, triangle, R1
max players ->, <-, ->, <-, ->, <-
Mortar only Triangle, L1, square, square, ->, <-
no auto heal start, ->, <-, select, ->, sqaure
pick up double time sqaure, ->, triangle, ->, R1, L1
Team special recharge ->, ->, <-. square, R1, L1
unlimited ammo <-, R1, L1, triangle, ->, square

Cheat Mode

Hold Shift and CTRL and type one of the following codes: BZTNT Unlimited ammo BZBODY Gain unlimited shields BZVIEW Nice view BZFREE Unlimited pilots and resources BZRADAR Reveal the map
hold and and type bzview
Frying may cause the mountains to be flattened, or on rare occasions, infinite lives.