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Battleship the Game Review

This is probably the first time in what seems like ages that we’ve seen a video game based on a film based on a popular board game.  And judging by what we played through, here’s hoping that it’s the last.  Battleship the Video Game tries to recreate the “intensity” (we use that word lightly) of the film, taking on an alternate storyline that ties in... Read Review

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Weekly Wrap-Up 7/29/11

Another week has passed us by, and we've got a ton of content for you to check out. Did you happen to miss any of GameZone's reviews, previews, or or Read More

David Sanchez Sep 27, 2011 | Comments

This Month on Xbox Live

Direct from Major Nelson, the schedule for the rest of new Xbox Live content throughout November has been revealed:Xbox LIVE Arcade November 17: Alie Read More

William Haley Sep 27, 2011 | Comments
Universal to Make Asteroids Movie

Universal to Make Asteroids Movie

Universal has locked up the rights to next summer's biggest blockbuster movie. The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that the studio has swooped up the movie rights for the arcade game Asteroids. You remember the arcade and Xbox LIVE Arcade game Asteroids, right? A lone triangle with the ability to blow up the titular asteroids with a powerful pixel gun and... that is where the description ends. Well, the mad men at Universal have decided that premise is all they really need to work with for a movie. Read More

kombo Jul 2, 2009 | Comments