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Battlefield: Hardline takes the fight to the war on crime, in a fight between cops and criminals.

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Like many of you, when I think of a Battlefield game, I think of tanks blowing up buildings, and fighter jets being blown up in the skies above, and driving a jeep of C4 into a group of soldiers, and amazing sniper shots, and that one a**hole in  a helicopter that can't fly the damn thing. I've vowed to never be that a**hole again. I associate Battlefield with modern warfare, vehicular combat and large-scale destruction.  Visceral Games, best known for the Dead Space series, plans to change your perception of Battlefield with Battlefield Hardline. Don't worry, there's still Conquest mode, vehicles and destruction, but the theme is changing; and with a theme change comes gameplay changes. The theme of Hardline is cops and robbers. In both the... Read Review

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