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Free MAG DLC This Week

Zipper Interactive has announced that "Trooper Gear Pack" DLC for MAG will hit the PSN March 25th. Following a popular trend, the new content will be free to download. It will include "Flashbang Grenades that can be used to confuse, disorient or distract your enemies in a single throw," as well as new Light Machine Guns for each faction, Raven's APEX 100SE, SVER's RTK-74 Vla, and Valor's Mk 46 Mod 1. Two new extra uniforms, "Trooper Dark" and "Trooper Light", will also be available for each PMC; this DLC is one crowd pleaser with all these brand-new additions. But, can this add-on pack and others soon to come, bring MAG to the forefront of the multiplayer circuit? Hit the jump for more Read More