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Battlefield 4 is the next iteration of the Battlefield series and the sequel to Battlefield 3.

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I feel weird starting a review for Battlefield 4 by mentioning Call of Duty, but this is where I find myself. I've always played CoD – sometimes against my better judgment. I dabbled with the Battlefield series and have always heard good things about it from its fanbase. It's also impossible to not hear comparisons between the two juggernauts in this first-person modern warfare shooter genre. Now, having played Battlefield 4 for an extensive period of time, I can say that there's no way you can make comparisons; they are two entirely different games. Kills get out of hand in CoD with killstreaks, rewarding you with even more kills through point and click bombing runs that decimate the other team. It's a straightforward first-person shooter. However, in... Read Review

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