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Preview: Medal of Honor Multiplayer

Before I get into Medal of Honor's multiplayer – which we had full access to – here is a quick look behind the scenes. Usually when we get invited to an industry event there is a bit of a fight for who will get to go. This time, there wasn't. Is it possible that gamers are already getting burnt out on modern military shooters? If that is the case, it is an ironic and cruel twist for Danger Close and Dice, the pair of developers who are responsible for the reboot of the new Medal of Honor. Every game in the MoH series to date has been a World War II shooter; and WWII shooters had a nice long run before Halo came along and then Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare put a nail in the coffin. Now, EA is stuck with a historically popular franchise trying to jump back into the heat of things with a game meant to stack up against this falls crop of shooters. Read More


Battlefield 3 PC Details Emerge

Recent comments from DICE following Battlefield 3’s announcement are starting to paint the PC version of the game as a slightly different beast from the console versions. This may alleviate the fears of some long time Battlefield fans. Posts and interviews from the developer have shed light on how DICE intends to use the hardware of each platform to push Battlefield 3 as far as they can. This is especially true in how they are further optimizing Battlefield’s latest engine for the PC. Read More


DICE Postulates on Battlefield 2 DLC

Battlefield Bad Company 2 has sold more than 2.3 million units, making it one of the best selling games to be released this month. With multiplayer DLC right around the corner, it is apparent that DICE plans to support this massive FPS. Karl Magnus Troedsson, executive producer at DICE, in an interview with IGN he talked about the possibility of downloadable single-player content. Hit the jump to read more Read More