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Battleblock Theater Review

If you were to mix an assortment of vibrant colors and adorable characters, sprinkled with some dark humor, the result would be a wonderful concoction only a developer like The Behemoth can produce. The Behemoth is a game company who has yet to disappoint by ensuring they invest the right amount of time needed into every project, and five years is quite a long time. Crowds enjoyed the... Read Review

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The Behemoth's "Game 3" Gets an Official Name: BattleBlock Theater

The Behemoth's "Game 3" Gets an Official Name: BattleBlock Theater

Beloved indy developer The Behemoth, best known for their work on excellent Alien Hominid and the Xbox Live Arcade mega-hit Castle Crashers, has officially revealed the title for their next game, previously referred to only as "Game 3". It'll now be called BattleBlock Theater. And here's a trailer! The game looks extremely unique and tons of fun, as to be expected by its developer. As for a release date, well, you're kidding, right? The Behemoth is known for its Blizzard-like waits from reveal to release, so expect this one probably next year, if that. Read More

kombo Feb 2, 2010 | Comments