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Media: DC Universe Online - 15 Images of Nightwing Out Clubbin'

Sony Online Entertainment has released a batch of new screenshots and images of one Nightwing, and you can find those in our gallery. What they did not release, however, is any information on what to expect from the character, so I guess it's up to me. First of all, Nightwing is a Dick. Dick Grayson, that is, the original Robin who went into battle at Batman's side. He grew up, decided that emerald short-pants weren't his thing, and ditched it for a new look and persona, plus a pair of Escrima truncheons. Though his persona looks darker, he's still a more friendly character than Bats. And speaking of which, he has all that handy Bat-training, plus a few tools of the trade, and it's a lucky thing, too, seeing as Bruce Wayne is currently preoccupied with being not-dead and such, thus leaving young Master Grayson to take up the mantle of the bat. How or if any of this will play into DC Universe Online, I don't know. On the one hand, I'm pretty sure I heard a while back that this game is supposed to be in tune with what's going on in the comics at the present time, but on the other hand, we still don't really know when we're going to play this thing, do we? Edit: And then, wouldn't you know it? Later comes a press release with details. Hit the jump for them. Read More


Media: Batman: Arkham Asylum - Launch Trailer

At long last, the time is upon us, for we can be vengeance! We can be the night! We can finally, truly be Batman! And to remind us of this little fact (not to mention how the game is scoring with various publications), Eidos, Rocksteady, and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment have provided the following trailer to celebrate the launch of what may wind up being the definitive Batman game for some time to come: Video Games | Batman: Arkham Asylum | Launch TrailerXBox 360 | Playstation 3 | Nintendo Wii Something concerns me, however. Not about the game itself, but the aftermath. As we now know, in the time since work began on this title, Eidos has become a part of Square Enix, while Warner Bros. has acquired Midway. I wonder if any of that could possibly prevent a sequel of sorts from being made. If there is a sequel, it might be nice if it could be something more open-ended through Gotham. Not that I have an issue with how this game is done, but being able to go on patrol, perhaps team with other members of the Bat-family on various missions, stop crimes as they happen-- it could be a neat experience if they follow the work done here. Finally, this is only tangentially related, but DC Comics Senior Vice President Dan Didio has announced that there will be a new Batman Beyond comic book mini-series coming next year. I hope that this might inspire game as worthy for that branch of the franchise as this appears to be for the original. Read More


Media: Batman: Arkham Asylum - The History of Arkham Asylum Trailer

There are some parts of the Batman mythos which most everyone is familiar with. They know how a young Bruce Wayne witnessed his parents' death, driving him to seek vengeance and taking on the form of a bat to dispense justice. They know of young Dick Grayson, whose parents fell to their deaths in a trapeze act as a "message" to the owner of the circus, leading to his adoption as Bruce's ward and Batman's sidekick, Robin. As for the Joker? Don't even pretend. It's been varied so much over the years, and it doesn't even seem like he knows for sure where he came from. But who really knows of the origins of Arkham Asylum, where so many of Gotham's loonies are sent in what seems like an often futile effort to rehabilitate them? That's where Eidos and Warner Bros.' latest trailer comes in: Video Games | Batman: Arkham Asylum | History of Arkham Asylum TrailerXBox 360 | Playstation 3 | Nintendo Wii There, now aren't you glad you asked? As though the dump wasn't creepy enough before... Read More