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Batman: Arkham Origins takes place years before both of the previous Batman: Arkham Titles. On Christmas Eve, eight deadly assassins come to Gotham City to kill Batman.

Batman: Arkham Origins Review

Warner Bros. Montreal never had a chance. On one hand, the studio inherited quite an outstanding franchise from former developer Rocksteady. The Batman Arkham series redefined the action-adventure genre with excellent combat, brilliant narrative, and phenomenal design. On the other hand, past successes have created almost an impossible standard for Warner Bros. Montreal to live up. Unfortunately, that's exactly how the game presents itself. Arkham Origins has the feel of a game that is trying to live up to its predecessors rather than surpass them. Rather than attempting to put their own stamp on the series, Warner Bros. Montreal has created a game that looks and plays almost identically to past entries in the Arkham series. That's not necessarily a bad thing, as... Read Review

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GameZone presents the Batman: Arkham Origins Walkthrough...       Blackgate Assassin 1: Killer Croc   Searching for Penguin Final Offer Assassin 2: Executioner Penguin's Office Assassin 3: Deathstroke   Blackmask is dead? GCPD Sewers Gotham Merchant's Bank     Most Wanted... View Guide

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