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Bass Pro Shops: The Hunt Cheats




Bass Pro (50) Complete the Tournament in Bass Pro mode.
Hot Shot (50) Beat BlindFire.
King of Hunters (100) Claim one of each King of Bucks in one career.
Landmark'd (75) Find all Exploration Points in one career.
Legendary Hunter (100) Claim one of each legendary animal in one career.
One Hit Wonder (25) 25 Instant Kills in Career Mode
Podium Finisher (80) Finish the Tournament in the top 3.
Rock'n Railer (50) Score over 1000 points in Forest Frenzy minigame
Sharp Shooter (50) Score over 1200 points in Indoor Target Range
Tournament Champion (100) Finish first in the Tournament.
Tournament Complete (50) Earn 2000 Reputation in Alaska to complete the Tournament.
Unlocked Alaska (40) Earn 2000 Reputation in Alberta.
Unlocked Alberta (40) Earn 1800 Reputation in Florida.
Unlocked Florida (25) Earn 1600 Reputation in Minnesota.
Unlocked Georgia (25) Earn 1000 Reputation in Washington.
Unlocked Maine (25) Earn 1200 Reputation in Wyoming.
Unlocked Minnesota (25) Earn 1600 Reputation in New Mexico.
Unlocked Missouri (25) Earn 1400 Reputation in Maine.
Unlocked New Mexico (25) Earn 1400 Reputation in Missouri.
Unlocked Wyoming (25) Earn 1200 Reputation in Georgia.
Washington Tutorial Complete (15) Complete the Washington Tutorial.