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Magicka Review

It could be said that Magicka is a large departure from the normal Paradox released title. The standard Paradox game often involves the grand strateg Read More

Mike Splechta Feb 1, 2011 | Comments
Halo: Reach Confirmed For September 14 Release

Halo: Reach Confirmed For September 14 Release

More than 2.7 million gamers signed up for and played the Halo: Reach beta that finished last week, and Bungie announced today that the game would be released on September 14 worldwide (with the exception of Japan, which will see a September 15 release date). The release date jumps the gun on the slew of Holiday titles that arrive each year in time for gift-giving and high sales numbers. It's an interesting strategy by Bungie, but one that may pay off in terms of bucking the crowded AAA season. Continue after the break for more details on the success of the beta and what the release means for Bungie and the industry. Read More

kombo May 24, 2010 | Comments
The Miz: "I'm a Casual Gamer, and I'm Awesome"

The Miz: "I'm a Casual Gamer, and I'm Awesome"

Upon arriving at the hotel for the WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2010 review event two weeks ago, THQ had left itineraries of what to expect. And there was one item of particular interest: a "Creation Workshop" in which we would create a wrestler in the new game and have it judged by a "special WWE guest." Who could it be? We were left in suspense until after the presentation the following morning, when we were all introduced to the new United States Champion, Mike Mizanin, better known simply as The Miz. The Miz took the podium, expressed his excitement for the game (which ships tomorrow), and then got right down to business, wanting to know why his ranking in the game was so low. He felt disparaged that there were actually Divas who had rankings higher than his 78, and made it clear that in next year's game, he had better come in with at least a 90, or else there would be trouble. Read More

kombo Oct 19, 2009 | Comments